Old faithful has an adventure

I’ve often wondered what would happen if i were to leave one of my regular eating spoons to travel into the unseen realms of a café’s kitchen. would they even notice this little stow away, would they take delight in it presents or would perhaps steal it for whatever reason.

my plan was to simply leave it on my clean plate after we had finishes our meal, (bear in mind the cafe chosen is quite the cool trendy place with a children’s play/dining area). it was interesting when our waitress came and cleared our table, it seemed clear the little stow away spoons was there but even so she took all the plates back to the kitchen where oh no! it might even be casually put it in ‘hell’ (the dishwasher)! or would they keep it and perhaps wonder why it was there, who left it and how or why was it made or would they not even really notice, would someone sneak it away and really enjoy using it.

i left it for about 2 weeks before i went on a rescue mission, i asked one of the assistants if they had come across a little carved wooden spoon, she went into the kitchen to ask around then a few moments later revealed old faithful safe and sound! It turned out one of the kitchen staff HAD noticed the it and had been enjoying its company to use and admire. this made me rather happy,then she asked if she could have it but i couldn’t let go of him now he’d been on such an adventure. so she asked if i could make he one similar of which i replied “of course”, then came the question of money value, how much? “oh just £15 for one like this”. wow that’s  a lot  i cant afford that for a spoon she said. i gave a quick mention  of how it was made and that the wood was sourced from a small park not far and how long it took to make but she still wasn’t prepared to pay for a new one. oh well and that was that old faithful and i left wondering if and where would i do this experiment again.


About dandelion38

A green wood worker specialising in Swedish style wooden spoons using traditional hand tools.
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