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Leeds craftsman Dan Lawrence uses traditional hand tools and locally sourced green wood to create a range of practical and beautiful wooden ware (from children’s spoons and salt scoops, to serving spoons and ladles), which he likes to think of as ‘small, functional, wooden sculptures’. Inspired by Scandinavian techniques, the work is skilfully finished with a knife, without use of sanding. Dan believes that lovingly crafted, handmade wooden items can enhance daily life, thanks to their smooth tactile feel and natural beauty.new2carvedspoons 002spoonfest 2014

I’m a green wood worker specialising in Swedish style wooden spoons and kitchen utensils, using traditional hand tools and techniques. Living in Leeds there is plenty of fantastic  woodlands all around.

After attending the very first Spoonfest in Edale in the peak district I had the opportunity to learn from some of the best green wood workers in the world. now after almost 4yrs of carving, a 1-1 course with Steve Tomlin in February 2014 and teaching various courses ive gained much understanding of the craft.

 All finished with a sloyd knife,So when it arrives to you the makers mark is present on the finished item. This is partly reflected in the price as I need to be far more proficient with the knife as there’s no hiding from any mistakes unlike when using sandpaper to finish.


2 Responses to About me

  1. stickybusiness says:

    Wow this is truly beautiful, the light in the forest, the clarity of your vision, and the spoons you are creating. May your spoons take your deeper into the forest

  2. María Leticia Costa says:

    Hello!!!!!! I am Lety from Córdoba Argentina and I meet Ana Davis who speaks me about you an your interisting work. We are going to have a class in your name and we going to speak about your spoons that have part of you.

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