Spoon carving courses

So this was the finished spoon from and amazing student recently who seemed to get the hang of everything i thought her so quickly. it was a mothers day gift from her family. great day!


two great student who were able to wok efficently btu who also made beautiful spoons which we tested out soon after making them.such fun

two great student who were able to wok efficently btu who also made beautiful spoons which we tested out soon after making them.such fun



neeeeeeeeeeeewwwww 034 neeeeeeeeeeeewwwww 033Marking out a rough outline on her very first ladle after careful selection from a local woodland (spoons from the woods)
043Using a new cutting technique for shaping the outside of the bowl on her very first spoon as a gift for Mothers day.
damson spoon 001A beginners course for 3hrs which will be sufficient time to complete a spoon costs £30 (then £7 for every hour there after)

  • The beginners course will involve learning several basic Swedish style knife grips.
  • Learning how to use an axe efficiently. 
  • Learning about the grain of the wood.
  • making a spoon from a piece of straight grained wood and going home with a finished spoon that can be used everyday fro many years.

Also available is a ‘Spoons from the woods’ course which is 4hrs and involves;

  • Learning how to identify trees that are perfect for carving a being able to find the best spoon material
  • information about why certain trees can be better for spoons than others
  • tool maintainence
  • along with everything covered in the beginners course
  • also i have a list of great links to you-tube videos and blogs which are well worth a look(inside knowledge of the spoon world).

The cost of the Spoons from the woods is £45

To arrange for one of these course please e.mail me to arrange a date to which I’m often very flexible; or if you have anything specific you would like to learn then please feel free to contact me and i would be happy to help

Group courses

group course can be arranged via email and group sizes are often 5 people. at a cost of £30 each and minimum 3hours but can accommodate more hours if requested.



2 Responses to Spoon carving courses

  1. Sue says:

    Yahoo. I have just signed up for your pre fest Spoonfest 2019. Can’t wait. Sue

  2. dandelion38 says:

    Fantastic! It’ll be great to see you again. Thanks so much for signing up

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