So SPOONFEST happened again!

i decided to volunteer for the first time as im lucky enough to work with wood everyday and so thought it could be a good opportunity to pass on skills and knowledge to others.

i was sharing the task of managing the wood pile with Paul Atkins which involved  keeping the area tidy, helping folks choose wood and cleave larger bits for radial cleaved spoons. however i was a little saddened at all the great wood which had been discarded, so for a little break in volunteering duty’s i set about making several blanks out of cherry,blackthorn,birch,rowan,plum, and aspen of which i wrote a note reading ‘free blank’ 😀 this felt important for me as someone who works in the woods a lot i really value the raw material. that’s not to say other don’t but perhaps the shear amount of wood on offer s overwhelming.

unfortunately the caterers for this year had there trailer broken into so were unable to attend,this was an opportunity to get your eyes and hands on some of robin fantastic collection of wooden bowls being used with some of his extensive spoon collection. and also JoJo wood did a superb job feeding the masses.

i always relish the opportunity to get my new spoons out in the big playground of the ‘spoonshop’ which provides a unique chance to view my work amongst some of the best spoon makers on the planet! this year i noticed one subtle difference in the final finish of others work compared to my own which was the oiled finish, i had not been oiling mine after having some unoiled spoons for several years in shared housing with no issue. so once home i oiled up a few new spoons to see what the oiled surface did to the final look and sure enough it was like a chef who adds lots of butter and cream to create a rich and glossy appearance to the food and that’s what the oil did for my spoons.  Also it was a pleasure when i discovered Sue Holden had bought some of my spoons as hers were some of the first great quality spoons i was inspired by after spoonfest 2012

some of the highlights for me this year have to be

  • forward roll for beginners workshop, but with somewhat sincere undertones as Fritoff and i had mentioned the value in play as an antidote to the intense focus and concentration of carving.
  • Keith ‘sheath’ Mattews talk on preparing bark was well attended and inspiring.
  • round the camp fir with Robin, Jogge and crew belting out the spoon blues and generally all the mad signing round the fires!

Some thoughts for next year:

  • what a pleasure it would be for a group to take a spoon blank up the hill and carve surrounded by the beautiful site of spoonfest.
  • i think more mini spoon clubs throughout the festival could be great fun.

and now for some choice shots  managed to take.

(click images to enlarge)


About dandelion38

A green wood worker specialising in Swedish style wooden spoons using traditional hand tools.
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