limited edition set of Bowls { autumn }

Now in stock!

NEW limited edition set of 7 sycamore bowls all turned on a foot powered lathe, then carved to create a unique piece of rustic and wholesome tableware.

These bowls speak of tradition in a contemporary world ever removed from the natural colours and textures experienced when walking through a British woodland.

Enjoy a soft,slow and peaceful eating experience with one of these bowls, all finished with sharp tools, no sanding. This I believe connects us to the maker and material far more than sanded item are able to.


About dandelion38

A green wood worker specialising in Swedish style wooden spoons using traditional hand tools.
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2 Responses to limited edition set of Bowls { autumn }

  1. Stefanie McDonald says:

    Hi Dan! How much are these bowls please? Hope you’re well, Stef xxx

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