DIY crowd fund to get a table at TORM

It seemed it might not be easy to crowd fund for only £90 and I was right. The minimum it was possible to CF is £500, so i thought why not cut out the middle man and do a DIY fund on FB. Only having  three days to raise the funds I was nervous, however after the sun had set on the first day the idea was well received and all seemed well on its way to making the money I needed to get a place at The original re-enactors market. This particular market would be my first three day event and would see hundreds of people come through there doors. In return for a £5 donation was a spatula engraved with ‘thank you’. for £10 was a long handled yoghurt/ice-cream spoon, both these were discounted prices for this DIY CF.

After the three days were up I feel very honoured to have such wonderful friends who were so ready to support me, along with a few I had not met also donated. Now I had enough money to sign up for the fair along with some extra to pay for travel and food! woohoo!

Inspired by the support I squirreled away in the workshop and MADE MADE MADE!

I decided to stay with a Couch Surfer Mathieu from France, he helped me from where my bus landed to his flat. The first day setting up I was very excited, so many traders and everything looked great. It’s always a bit tense the first hour of any event but after the first sale I told myself to relax and enjoy the people and simply learn from whatever happens. Traders and customer alike were all so kind and generous. Some of the other regular traders mentioned that Robin Wood used to be a trader at this event many moons ago which was encouraging.  I hope to do it again in November if if possible. good times!

Thanks to all who gave donations, you’re amazing!

other fairs I’d like to attend as a trader are MADE London and MADE Brighton however these are £350 and £500 to have a stand. so perhaps I’ll be calling on the kindness of folk once again 😀

About dandelion38

A green wood worker specialising in Swedish style wooden spoons using traditional hand tools.
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1 Response to DIY crowd fund to get a table at TORM

  1. Hi,

    Have just been reading your blog and I’m full of admiration, not just for the obvious skill with knife and axe but also the extreme bravery you displayed in going for the dream.

    I must admit the retirement plan is to make and sell carved stuff. Working on perfecting my spoons at the moment.

    Keep at it!!


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