Up my Game with Steve Tomlin

So after almost 3 years being mostly self taught and having some success at selling my wares at the 2013 Spoonfest. I decided to book some 1-1 time with an already established green wood carver whose spoons I have a high regard for.  http://stevetomlincrafts.wordpress.com/wooden-spoons/

Last month I began receiving funding to pursue my dream of green wood carving every day and making a living from it. After careful consideration and contemplation of what I needed to do to progress, I felt Steve’s course would push me to up my game. His idea of what makes not just a good spoon but a fantastic one really resonates with me.

After the course it took me a whole day and a long walk through the countryside to let all I had learnt to sink in and making lots of notes really helped solidify them. How I go about making has changed only slightly however the changes I’ve made have had a significant impact on the finished items, I’m now making less quantity but higher quality.

Now after almost a month my making has begun to move to a new level and along with a renewed focus I have a yearning to make the best greenwood items I can.

I shall have my whole new set of wooden spoons and wooden bowls along with a few other greenwood items I’ve been making becoming available to purchase on this site very soon, so please do watch this space!

Here’s the Serving spoon made after only a few days of the course which is available to buy now.

Sycamore serving spoon. £30

Sycamore serving spoon. £30

new2carvedspoons 028 new2carvedspoons 015

About dandelion38

A green wood worker specialising in Swedish style wooden spoons using traditional hand tools.
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